zippy808b“As a toddler, I had a stuffed monkey named Zip. We were inseparable. I loved everything about him—the yellow Zip t-shirt, red felt overalls and a red and white floppy hat. In light of my affection for this little fellow, my dad started to call me Zip.

Fast forward to the day I started the company and sought an appropriate name for it. I wanted a name, which described the childlike, imaginative vitality I feel when I’m designing. Then, I had an “aha moment”—and Creative Zip was born. Thank you dad and Zip!”

Nancy Kavinsky is an industrious business owner, award-winning art director and graphic designer. She serves clients by creating highly effective, affordable corporate identities, advertising campaigns, annual reports, brochures, newsletters, trade show displays and direct-mail promotions. She designs with purity, propriety and precision.

As Founder and President of Creative Zip, Nancy provides art direction and design solutions to a variety of professional service firms including “AM Law 100” law firms, “Tech 50” technology companies and leading accounting, retail and management consulting firms.

Committed to visual creativity, Nancy possesses a lifetime of professional graphic design experience. Her creative credentials and career experiences cover the full continuum of graphic solutions from the “Aha!” to the printed page … from concept to electronic art to print production coordination.

Nancy is a savvy business woman. Yet, when asked to offer a tip about her favorite stock/mutual fund, her answer provided a glimpse of her essence:  “To me a margin is where you doodle when you’re supposed to be listening to the presentation.”